About Sacred Movement Yoga 

Sacred Movement Yoga invites you to join us on a journey of warmth and beauty, where the cultivation of body and spirit mindfulness is the heart of our community!

Yoga is a splendid unification of lifestyle, philosophy, and meditation which, in turn, can result in splendid physical fitness. Ultimately, yoga provides a means to attune the body, and bring clarity to the mind. At Sacred Movement, students are encouraged to discover this inner strength, enabling them to consistently soar to new levels—not only on their mats, but also in their lives.

The studio is an eclectic mix of Moroccan and Eastern design that integrates our philosophy of "mindfulness" into a contemporary space. Revel in the spacious, beautiful main room with hand scraped bamboo flooring—as well as our upcoming Juice bar and Spa room where we will offer Massage, Reiki and Accupunture/Pressure

Sacred Movement Yoga aspires to help students discover their own potential. Individuals are offered the opportunity to develop a strong Hatha practice and experience new levels of joy and well-being. Through understanding of asana and the practice of meditation, students can undertake a powerful transformative journey as they center their body and mind.


Elizabeth Sullivan, Sacred Movement Yoga's proprietor, recently moved from Los Angeles back to her native West Hartford. She brings with her not only a deep knowledge of various yoga practices, but also an understanding of the transformative power of yoga. Yoga has been an integral part of her own personal journey—a gift—and this studio is how she can share that gift with Bloomfield community and beyond.